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What if instead of looking for Arabic teachers in your country, the teacher will be brought to you in the most convenient way? That is our vision. At Marhaba, We provide those who want to learn Arabic with highly competent Arabic lessons designed by native speakers with just one click.

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Learn using our platform and achieve your goals. Become successful in the Arabic language. Practice your Arabic with native speakers. Discuss your goals and motivations for learning Arabic to create a tailored approach to suit your needs.

Our platform helps Arabic language students fulfil their potential, meet their targets and grow as people. Through sharing language and culture we create durable links of solidarity and friendship between Gaza and people all over the world.

We provide comprehensive support to Arabic students. We empower students to achieve their targets, and track their own progress to stay motivated. We break out of the shackles of the classroom, and forge our own ambitious path. We strongly believe that education is a dialogue, not a commodity. Join us!

How will you learn Arabic with us?


Watch 100+ Videos

You can watch the videos with our native speakers to learn the essential grammar, vocabulary, key phrases, idioms and pronunciation needed to master the English language.


Download 150+ Worksheets

You can download worksheets, solve them on your computer or print them. Worksheets are targeted to help you practice and review what you have learned.


Solve 1,000+ Exercises

Our exercises will help you structure sentences, find the right words for pictures you see, analyze the mistakes you have made and understand the content of our lessons.


Practice Pronunciation

Our pronunciation sessions gives you the opportunity to listen to phrases by native speakers and repeat them. You have three tries before moving on to the next phrase.

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Arabic language in its cultural context.
Experienced, enthusiastic teacher.
Learn to speak, understand, read and write.

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